It’s that time of the year where all that white stuff on the ground means that you have to shovel the driveway before you head to work. For most people, there isn’t too much of a health concern, but if you’ve had lower back pain before or if you’ve ever had to shovel a driveway full of

wet snow, then you know that it can take a toll on one’s back. In a 2011 study from The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, they found that every year 11,000 people are injured from clearing snow from their driveways and of those, 34% involved the lower back. The most common issue associated with shoveling snow can be mostly muscular in nature or biomechanical. As most injuries can heal on their own, sometimes you need a little help. That’s where a registered massage therapist can help with those tight and achy lumbar muscles.


Even less common, injuries like a herniated or bulging disc can occur. This is where chiropractic care can help in these instances.

It can be quite scary to suffer through lower back pain, especially if you’ve never experienced it before. Symptoms can included intense pain, unable to perform normal activities due to the pain, limited or no range of motion within the back, and even referral pain that can shoot down the leg (eg. sciatic pain). Chiropractic treatments, typically called adjustments, can have a positive effect on lower back injuries. Specifically, the movement involved in an adjustment can produce analgesic effects and lead to relaxation of muscles surrounding the spine.

While the majority of biomechanical lower back injuries can heal pretty quickly, some can linger on and become quite chronic. That’s why if a lower back injury occurs, it’s best to have it examined if it isn’t getting better or has plateaued in its healing.

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